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This list of speakers was assembled by Ben Greeley.

The information provided, when available, is:

name of speaker, (affiliation), date, location, synopsis



Boucot, January

Lee L. Harvill, Rutgers-Camden, February

Judson, March

Bevin French, April

Reginald Shagam, University of Pennsylvania, May

John C. Kraft, University of Delaware, October

Keppie, December



Dr. Grover Emrich (A.W. Martin Associates), January 14, Drexel U

Dr. M.E. Hriskevich, AAPG Distinguished Lecture, March 5, Temple U

Dr. Rodger Faill (PA Geological Survey), May 6, Bryn Mawr College

Dr. Horace W. Richards (Academy of Natural Sciences), October 7, Drexel U

Dr. Kemble Widmer (New Jersey Bureau of Geology), December 9, Rutgers U



K.W. Glennie, AAPG Distinguished Lecture, January 20, Marriott Hotel

Arthur A. Socolow (PA Geological Survey), March 11, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Robert Giegengack (University of Pennsylvania), May 6, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. William A. Crawford (Bryn Mawr College), September 30, Bryn Mawr College

Edward Zeller, October 28, Bryn Mawr College

Homer Jensen, December 9, Bryn Mawr College



Sudhir Jain, January 20, Bryn Mawr College

Robert R. Berg, AAPG Distinguished Lecture sponsored by the Westbrook Free Lectureship of the Wagner Institute of Science, March 16, Bryn Mawr College

Richard W. Faas, April 27, Bryn Mawr College

J. Donald Ryan, May 25, Aero Service Corp.

L.F. Brown, Jr., AAPG Distinguished Lecture, sponsored by Bryn Mawr College Geology Department, October 19, Aero Service Corp.

Michael A. Apgar, Howard Busby (General Refractories Co.), William J. Minnick (G. & W.H.Corson Co.), and Marc Silverman (Lasalle College, Student), December 8, Aero Service Corp.



Isidore Zietz, “Crustal Interpretation from Magnetic Anomalies,” January 25, Bryn Mawr College

Karl W. Klement, AAPG Distinguished Lecture sponsored by Sun Oil International, Inc., “Practical Classification of Reefs and Banks – Bioherms and Biostromes,” March 1, Bryn Mawr College

Henry Coulter, “Environmental Maps,” April 12, Bryn Mawr College

Reginald Shagam, “Tectonics of the Venezuelan Andes,” October 2, Bryn Mawr College

Frederick M. Swain, “Marsh Gases of the Atlantic Coastal Region,” December 13, Bryn Mawr College



Dennis Holmgren, “Wrench Fault Tectonics,” February 7, Bryn Mawr College

Reginald P. Briggs, “Land Use and Physical Resources  Analysis Program – Greate,” March 7, Bryn Mawr College

Dennis S. Wood, “North Atlantic Reconstructions from the Precambrian  Record,” March 28, Bryn Mawr College

Philip Braithwaite (Sun Oil International), “Reef Geology and Ecology,” September 10, Bryn Mawr College

Gerald J. Mangone, “U.N. conference on Law of the Sea,” October 24, Bryn Mawr College



David D. Gillette, “Bats, Birds, Darwin, Fruit, Moths, and Fish-Bait – The Demise of the Missing Link,” March 27, Bryn Mawr College

Harold Gluskoter, “Coal:  Mineral Matter and Trace Elements,” April 10, Bryn Mawr College

Robert F. Legget, “Future of Cities,” October 2, Bryn Mawr College

Jacob Freedman, “Trace Element Geochemistry and Health,” November 13, Bryn Mawr College

Allan Thompson, “The Current Status of the Northern Delaware Piedmont,” December 4, Bryn Mawr College



David B. Witwer, “Water Resources Management in the Pennypack Watershed,” January 29, Bryn Mawr College

Lewis B. Tucker, “Discussion of the Estimated Oil Reserves of the United States,” February 19, Bryn Mawr College

Thane B. McCulloh, “Reliable Quantitative Forecasting of Basin Hydrocarbon Richness – Novel Geophysical Approach,” April 29, Bryn Mawr College

Andrews Tolman (A.W. Martin Associates), “Ground Water-Surface Water Relationships, White Clay Lake, Shawano County, Wisconsin,” October 21, Bryn Mawr College

Edward B. Evenson, “The Ice Foot Complex – Nature’s Breakwater:  It’s Morphology, Classification, Geologic Action and Importance,” November 18, Bryn Mawr College

Donald M. Hoskins, “Famous Pennsylvania Faults – Revisited,” December 16, Bryn Mawr College



William D. Sevon (Pennsylvania Geological Survey), “Devonian Sediment Dispersal Systems in Pennsylvania,” February 17, Bryn Mawr College





George H. Myer (Temple University), "The San Andreas Fault",  February 22, Bryn Mawr College 

Ronald R. Hartman (International Exploration), “Results of U.S. Department of Energy Uranium Exploration Program,” April 11, Bryn Mawr College

Edward J. Doheny (Drexel University), “Engineering Geology of the Seabrook, New Hampshire, Nuclear Site,” May 8, LaSalle College

Richard Bischke, “An Elastic Rebound Theory for Normal Fault Earthquakes,” October 9, LaSalle College

Monica Beckholmen, “The Caledonides of Sweden,” November 20, LaSalle College

Robert Giegengack (University of Pennsylvania), “Libyan Desert Glass – A Middle Eastern Geologic Enigma,” December12, Bryn Mawr College



Peter Goodwin, “Punctuated Aggradation Cycles:  A New Model of Stratigraphic Accumulations,” February 7, LaSalle College

Bjorn Rurikson, “The Geology of Iceland,” March 28, Temple University

Dennis Pennington, “Importance of Groundwater System in Abatement of Coal Mine Drainage,” May 6, LaSalle College

William A. Crawford (Bryn Mawr College), “The Rocks of Wadi Natash, Egypt,” May 28, International Exploration

William A. Gumert (Chief Geophysicist, Geoscience Division, Carson Helicopters, Inc.), “Airborne Gravity in the Gulf Coast,” October 8, Bryn Mawr College

Gene Ulmer, “In Quest of a Carbonaceous Mantle,” December 9, LaSalle College



Steve Carson, “Radon 222 As An Oceanographic Mixing Tracer,” January 28, Bryn Mawr College

Richard Bischke, “Abington Earthquake Sequence of March, 1980,” March 4, Bryn Mawr College

John Adams, “Holocene History of Central Panama and Its Effect on Human Populations and Migrations,” April 2, LaSalle College

Arthur Johnson, “Acid Rain,” May 6, Bryn Mawr College

Alice Hoersch, “Layered Igneous Intrusion of Skye, Scotland,” and spring picnic, June 5, International Exploration

Franz R. Dykstra (Mineral Economics), “Strategic Metals and Domestic Implications,” October 7, Bryn Mawr College

Albert Depman (Engineering Geology), “Some Carbonates I Have Known,” December 9, LaSalle College



Amin Ayubcha, “Applications Of Statistics and Geostatistics,” January 20, Bryn Mawr College

Robert Jordan, “Aspects of Mid-Atlantic Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration,” February 24, Bryn Mawr College

Henry Bart, “Large Scale Cross-Beds & Ash Injection Structures in Miocene Sediments of Nebraska and Wyoming,” April 20, LaSalle College

Maria L. Crawford, “How Fluid Inclusions Help Solve Geologic Problems,” May 12, Bryn Mawr College

Bernard Szukalski, “Caves and Caving,” October 13, LaSalle College

Dennis Pennington, “A Hazardous Waste Investigation of Price Landfill – Atlantic City, New Jersey,” November 17, Bryn Mawr College

Hermann Pfefferkorn (University of Pennsylvania), “Visiting Carboniferous Swamps Today,” December 15, Bryn Mawr College













John R. Ousey, Jr. (Pennsylvania State University, Delaware County, & BCM Engineers), “Hypsometric Analysis of Salt-Dome Stability:  Geomorphologic Approach to Assessment of Site Suitability for Disposal of Highly Radioactive Materials,” October 12, Bryn Mawr College

Karl Muessig (New Jersey Geological Survey, “Geologic Sources of Elevated Indoor Radon Levels in New Jersey,” November 16, Bryn Mawr College

Ronald R. Hartman (International Exploration), “Choosing Geophysical Instruments for Environmental Applications…And What to Expect from the Data,” December 14, Bryn Mawr College



Jon Mosar (Princeton University), “Structure and Geology in the Swiss Prealps,” February 1, Bryn Mawr College

Warrren W. Wood (U.S. Geological Survey, Reston), Birdsall Distinguished Lecturer, Geological Society of America, Hydrogeology Division, “Development of Playa Lake Basins on the Southern High Plains of Texas and New Mexico,” March 1, Bryn Mawr College

Fred Graf, P.E. (Philadelphia Electric Company), “The Application of Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) to Geologic Problems,” April 26, Bryn Mawr College

George Boyajian (University of Pennsylvania), “Out With a Bang, Not With a Whimper:  The Pattern of Mass Extinctions in Geologic History,” September 27, Bryn Mawr College

Stephen P. Phipps (University of Pennsylvania), “Compressional Basement Deformation in the Rocky Mountain Foreland,” October 25, Bryn Mawr College

Kevin Wilson (Bryn Mawr College), “Global Tectonics and Suspect Terranes,” November 29, Bryn Mawr College



William D. Sevon (Pennsylvania Geological Survey), “Remote Geomorphology:  Interpreting Ancient Appalachian Landscapes,” February 28, Bryn Mawr College

Arthur Baehr (U.S. Geological Survey, Trenton), “Organic Contaminant Transport in the Unsaturated Zone in Shallow Ground Water,” April 4, Bryn Mawr College

Rodger Faill (Pennsylvania Geological Survey), “Unraveling Pennsylvania’s Terranes,” May 2, Bryn Mawr College

Mary Emma Wagner (University of Pennsylvania), “Taconic Plate Collision:  Evidence from the PA-DE Piedmont,” October 10, Bryn Mawr College

Bruce Bevins, “Applications of Ground-Penetrating Radar and Other Geophysical Tools in Environmental Geology,” November 15, Bryn Mawr College

Grover Emrich, “Geological Registration:  Fact or Folly,” December 13, Bryn Mawr College



John Garges (Betz, Converse, Murdoch), “High-Capacity Wells in Glacial Valley Fill,” January 23, Bryn Mawr College

Heyward Wharton, “The Viburnum Trend Lead-Zinc Ore Discoveries – Missouri Becomes World Leader in Lead Mining,” February 20, Bryn Mawr College

Elisabeth G. Newton (E.G. Newton Associates, Washington, D.C.), “Geology and Public Policy,” American Association of Petroleum Geologists Visiting Geologist Program, March 27, Bryn Mawr College

Dr. Robert Giegengack (University of Pennsylvania), “Down Under Down Under:  Cosmogenic Radionuclides and Antarctic Geomorphology,” May 2, Bryn Mawr College

Bill Goldschmidt (ERM, Inc.), “Field Screening Techniques in Environmental Assessment,” September 25, Bryn Mawr College

Dr. Chris Hartnady (Princeton University), “On Proterozoic Super-Continents and Tectonic Megacycles,” October 30, Bryn Mawr College

Dr. Barry Voight (Pennsylvania State University), “Predictions in Engineering Geology:  Capabilities for Landslide and Volcanic Hazards,” November 21, Bryn Mawr College



Dr. M.G. “Reds” Wolman (Department of Geography, Johns Hopkins University), “Changes in the Hydroogic Cycle:  Water Quantity and Quality – What Do We Know?” January 22, Bryn Mawr College.  A world view of the human impact on water resources and water resource management.

Dr. Lucien Platt (Bryn Mawr College), “Geologic History of the Idaho-Wyoming Thrust Belt with Emphasis on the Cenozoic,” February 19, Bryn Mawr College

George Tseo (Pennsylvania State University, Hazleton; post doctorate at Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Desert Research), “China’s Long Struggle to Develop Its Arid Regions and Environmental Threats Presented by Economic Reform,” March 19, Bryn Mawr College.  A report on the connections between economic development and desertification in the arid regions of China.

Krishna Sinha (Virginia Polytechnic Institute), “Duration of an Orogeny:  An Example from Maryland-Pennsylvania Piedmont,” April 16, Bryn Mawr College.  Application of improved methods of geochronology to develop a more accurate model of orogenic events like the Early Paleozoic plate collisions that affected the MD-PA Piedmont.

Rich Volkert (New Jersey Geological Survey), “Tectono-stratigraphic Terranes Beneath the New Jersey Coastal Plain,” May 7, Bryn Mawr College.  Results from mapping the basement rocks beneath the New Jersey coastal plain, relating the basement lithologies to surface rocks of the Trenton Prong and the PA-DE Piedmont.

William A. Crawford (Bryn Mawr College), “Asbestos and Health,” September 23, Bryn Mawr College.  A report on the health hazards represented by various asbestos minerals.  Chrysotile, a serpentine asbestos, is benign when compared with amphibole asbestiform minerals, crocidolite and amosite.

Hugues Faure (Laboratoire de Geologie du Quaternaire, Marseilles), “Global Changes in Terrestial Carbon Storage,” November 5, Bryn Mawr College

Gene Ulmer (Temple University), “Geochemical Politics of Nuclear Waste Management,” December 10, Bryn Mawr College



Glen T. Penfield (Carson Services, Inc., Aerogravity Division), “Discovery of Chicxulub, the K-

T Boundary Crater – Largest Impact Known on Earth,” January 21, LaSalle University.  The discovery of the Chicxulub crater, based on geophysical anomalies in 1978 and its emergence as the leading candidate for the K-T boundary crater despite apparently contradictory geological evidence.  See abstract.

Gay Deamer, “Environmental, Geophysical Techniques and Case Studies – An Introduction,” February 17, Bryn Mawr College.  The utilization of surface and down-hole geophysical methods for environmental investigation, including magnetometry, electromagnetics, resistivity, seismic refraction, ground-penetrating radar, and down-hole geophysics.

David Smith (LaSalle University), “Earthquake Hazard Assesment from Balanced Cross-Sections:  2 Examples from the California Coast Ranges,” March 18, Bryn Mawr College

Hermann W. Pfefferkorn (University of Pennsylvania), “The Previous Icehouse-Greenhouse Transition On Earth; Fossil Floras and the Climate of the Late Paleozoic,” April 29, Bryn Mawr College

Donald I. Siegel (Syracuse University), “The Hydrogeology of Wetlands:  Paradigms Lost,” September 23, Bryn Mawr College.  See abstract.

George Boyajian (University of Pennsylvania), “Evolution of Biological Complexity:  How Do You Get from Green Slime to Radio Astronomy,” October 13, Bryn Mawr College

Mark Johnsson (Bryn Mawr College), “Thermal Maturity Patterns in Alaska:  Ups and Downs from Hot and Cold,” December 15, Bryn Mawr College.  An overview of the maximum temperatures experienced by the sedimentary rocks in Alaska, including a discussion of how these temperatures are determined, the distribution of maximum paleotemperatures across the state, and the tectonic and hydrocarbon implications.

William B. Fergusson (Villanova University, Department of Civil Engineering), “Beneath City Streets:  Engineering Geology in Downtown Philadelphia,” January 26, Bryn Mawr College



Tim Lutz (West Chester University, Department of Geology and Astronomy), “Spatial Patterns of Volcanism and the Movement of Magma Through the Crust,” February 16, Bryn Mawr College.  Statistical analysis of map patterns of volcanic vents reveals the orientation of volcanic alignments, the state of stress in the crust, and the scale of the structures along which magma ascends.  The same analysis may have implications for water flow when applied to sinkholes.

William B. Fergusson (Villanova University, Department of Civil Engineering), “Beneath City Streets:  Engineering Geology in Downtown Philadelphia,” March 23, Bryn Mawr College

Steve Keenan & Brian Stachitus (Raypath, Inc., Philadelphia), “Use of Multi-Fold Shallow Seismic Reflection Data for Engineering and Environmental Site Evaluations,” April 20, Bryn Mawr College.  A poster presentation highlighting data collection and analysis techniques for seismic reflection data and applications of this technique to shallow-level environmental studies.

Jeff Obrecht (BCM Engineers, Inc., Plymouth Meeting), “Sea Floor Mapping Techniques:  Central and Northern California Coast,” May 12, Bryn Mawr College

Jill Crosbie (President, Red Hawk Environmental Consulting, Ltd., Chadds Ford), “In-Situ Treatment of Chromium VI Soil and Groundwater Contamination with an Iron Reduction Process,” September 27, LaSalle University

Derrick Pitts (Franklin Institute), “The Geologic Structure of the Outer Solar System,” November 10, Bryn Mawr College.  A geologic tour of the gas giant group.

Dr. Paul Lowman (Geophysicist, Laboratory for Terrestial Physics, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), “Geology of the Sudbury Impact Structure from Highway and Skyway,” December 14, Bryn Mawr College.  A new view of an old impact site.




Alice Hoersch (LaSalle University, Department of Geology and Physics), “How a Metamorphic Petrologist Can Help Petroleum Geologists,” February 15, Bryn Mawr College

Dr. John Ousey (Assistant Professor in Environmental Sciences, Pennsylvania State University, Delaware County), “Geologic Problems Encountered in the Construction and Operation of the Union Canal,” March 29, Bryn Mawr College

Dr. Susan McGeary (University of Delaware), “Imaging at the Edge of Resolution:  Shallow Geophysics and Quaternary Stratigraphy,” April 12, Bryn Mawr College.  Application of ground-penetrating radar, shallow seismic, and other tools.

“What’s Happening in Science Education K-12,” October 10, Bryn Mawr College.  The current thinking about science education in grades K-12 with a panel presentation by representatives of local public and independent schools.  Short presentations will be followed by an opportunity for discussion.

Dr. Gene Ulmer (Temple University), “Columbia River Plateau Basalts and Heats of Crystallization:  Another Approach to Hot Spots Modeling,” October 26, Bryn Mawr College.  See abstract.

Drs. William and Maria Luisa Crawford (Bryn Mawr College), “The Anatomy of a Mountain Belt:  Southeastern Alaska and Coastal British Columbia,” November 21, Bryn Mawr College



Dr. Ian Harker (University of Pennsylvania), “Curved Tree Trunks and Soil Creep on Mount Rainier,” February 15, Bryn Mawr College


Cook Out, Hosted by Danielle Michelman, May 11


Dr. Donald Hoskins (Pennsylvania Geological Survey), “Geologic Mapping and the Future of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey,” September 26, University of Pennsylvania


Dr. Donald Ballman (Chem-Nuclear Systems, Inc., Harrisburg), “The Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility Siting Process,” October 24, Bryn Mawr College


Joseph G. Casey (R.E. Wright Associates, Inc.), “Uses of the Cone Penetrometer Direct Push Technology in Subsurface Investigations,” November 20, The ERM Group, Exton



Richard K. Lee (Quantum Geophysics), “Locating Thin, Near-Vertical, Water-Bearing Structures Using Electromagnetic Ground Conductivity Measurements and Other Geophysical Means,” February 20, Roy F. Weston, Inc., Philadelphia

Derrick Pitts (Franklin Institute), “The Ringing of the Sun -- Astrogeology of the Sun,” April 24, Bryn Mawr College

Ronald A. Sloto (U.S. Geological Survey, Malvern), “Use of Borehole Geophysical Methods to Define Ground Water Flow Systems,” May 21, Smith Technology Corporation, Plymouth Meeting

Walter Payne (Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection), “PA Act 2 Final Rule, Land Recycling,” September 30, Foster Wheeler, Langhorne

Dr. Laura Toran (Temple University), “Can a Super Computer Help With Your Environmental Modeling Problems?” October 30, University of Pennsylvania

Jeffery Featherstone (Delaware River Basin Commission), “Water Management in the Delaware River Basin,” November 20, Bryn Mawr College



Dr. Robert Jordan (Delaware Geological Survey, Director), “The Delaware Estuary, Science Applied Eventually,” January 22, The ERM Group, Exton

Dan Goode (U.S. Geological Survey, Malvern), “Groundwater Flow in the Lansdale Area,” February 26, Villanova University

William A. Gumert (Chief Geophysicist, Geoscience Division, Carson Services, Inc.), “Aerogravity Survey Methods and Their Applications to Petroleum Exploration,” March 19, Carson Services, Perkasie

Art Baehr (U.S. Geological Survey, Trenton), “Occurrence of MTBE and Other VOC’s in the Hydrologic Cycle in Southern New Jersey,” April 22, Bryn Mawr College

1998 Biannual Social, May 21, home of Bill and Weecha Crawford, Bryn Mawr

Derrick Pitts (Franklin Institute), “Comets, Meteors, and Other Materials in Space,” September 24, Luddington Library, Bryn Mawr

Dr. Thomas Holzer (U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA), AEG/GSA Richard Jahns Distinguished Speaker, “Earthquakes and Natural Disaster Insurance,” October 20, University of Pennsylvania.  See abstract.

Dr. William (Sandy) Schenk (Delaware Geological Survey) and Richard E. Wright (R.E. Wright Business Solutions), “Professional Geologist Licensure in Pennsylvania and Delaware,” November 19, West Chester University


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